Sitemap - 2022 - Bonjour Domain 👋

“Don’t Just Start Building The Product, Start Talking About It Too.” – Dagobert, Twitter dominator

“Think of the Smallest Problem You Can Solve.” – Ayush, freedom guy

“Just Start. Don’t Overthink It.” – Hassan Osman, author on the side

“Start Where You Are.” – Elsie, exercise science enthusiast

“Join a Community of People Who Are Doing The Thing You Want To Do.” – Genevieve, curator

“What Are You Waiting For?” – Lukas Hermann, bootstrapper

“Just Start Selling Something, Anything.” – Allison Seboldt, software engineer

“Build a Product that You Want Yourself.” – Florian Mielke, app builder

“Build a Simple Landing Page.” – Phil, indie hacker

“Do Things That Don’t Scale.” – Marie, building in public

“Create Something Useful for Yourself.” – Rob Hope, designer and maker

“Start out and Learn by Doing.” – Dominik Sumer, web developer

“Dream it. Do It. Make it.” – Kamphey, Google Sheets wizard

“Build A Second Brain.” – Agostino Giglio, productive creator

“Keep Going.” – fabiola, no-coder

“Keep Things Very Simple” – Keith, niche sites builder

“It Wouldn’t Hurt To Just Try.” – Mahmoud Rasmi, bridge dweller

“Build, then ship!” – Norbert Hüthmayr, software builder

“Keep things as simple as possible.” – Louie Bacaj, engineer turned entrepreneur

“Don’t be afraid to publish.” - Jon Brosio, content creator

Marc Lou, startup builder: “Build it. Launch it. Even if it’s sketchy.”

Katt Risen, no-code maker: “Validate the Idea with a Pre-Sale.”

Xavier Coiffard, indie hacker: “Start by talking with others.”

Enda Mac Nally, freelance creative: “Start with the goal of $1.”

Mattia Righetti, building business in public: “Build an Audience.”

Leanne, domain investor: “Do Something Every Day.”

Goutham Jay, solo bootstrapper: “Just Be Persistent.”

Pascio, Notion ambassador: “Don’t think. Do.”

Tanya Moushi, business designer: “Start small.”

Michal Kankowski, marketing strategist: “Build in Public.”

Peter Mick, indie dev: “Don’t Overengineer Things.”

Falak Sher, builder: “Focus on 1 Skill.”

Christine Trac, copywriter: “Don’t overthink.”